The Cure For Sleep Conversations

The Cure For Sleep Credit Tanya Shadrick

“How to live. How to die. How to reach back
with understanding, even we are going
beyond the ones we’ve loved.

the cure for sleep: a late-waking life

My memoir The Cure for Sleep is full of threshold events, mine and others’: Those times when we are brought to a sudden need to choose or we experience something which changes forever our perspective of life and how to live it.

In this year before publication, I am publishing short once-monthly extracts over on Substack under The Cure For Sleep: Stories from (& beyond) the book. There is a subscribe button at the bottom of this post. I will also be inviting subscribers to join or listen in to conversations around threshold moments.

I will use this area to share and archive some of the short true tales that I hope my book will call forth from you and others.

But for now, subscribe using the button below if you’d like to join me in the book’s journey to readers.