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The Cure for Sleep is full of threshold events: Those times when we are brought to a sudden need to choose or we experience something which changes forever our perspective of life and how to live it.

By subscribing before publication day, you will receive the first page of the book as a welcome, and then – once a month – further short extracts, each to a theme, with invitations to join or listen in to conversations around The Cure for Sleep. You will also hear about opportunities to share your own true tales of threshold moments.

Once the book is published, new subscribers will receive instead monthly creative practice prompts, and be invited to ask questions about the book or the writing process.

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“My passion has always been the study of cause and effect: what happens afterwards, next. How we change in response to sudden illness, oddly timed encounters, unsought gifts. Why so often we don’t, refusing to let ourselves be shaken, or moved. Or we react, but in ways that serve neither us, nor others.

This is the purpose of my story, now.”

The Cure For sleep

What People Say

“Tanya creates intriguing space in public places where the curious find themselves engaging in a writer’s practice and volunteering their own stories to be woven into her work.”

Sculptor David Nash

“Tanya has that very rare combination of stillness and energy. Her stories captivated me instantly”

Agent Robert Caskie

“Tanya is an electrifying voice and her book reminds me of the very best memoirs – Joan Didion’s writing, Lorna Sage’s Bad Blood…”

Editor Lettice Franklin
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