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Each of Tanya Shadrick’s free monthly newsletters on Substack takes a key moment from her critically-acclaimed memoir The Cure for Sleep, inviting readers to respond to that theme (using the comments field) with a short true tale of their own.

All contributions that respect the foundational spirit of the project – inclusivity, kindness, respect for the privacy and feelings of others – are then curated on The Cure for Sleep website.

Before you submit a true story, please take a moment to note the following guidelines/requirements:

  • Length: 300 words max. Longer submissions cannot be edited for inclusion.
  • Genre: Non-fiction prose only; not fiction or poetry.
  • Other people: You must not write about other people still living in a way that is identifiable or in any way likely to be considered defamatory. Please centre yourself and your own experience in your stories.
  • Your details: If you would like to include a link to your website or main social media account to be used with your published story, make sure to include this in the comments field when submitting your words.

What happens next:

  • If your tale is curated in the story archive, you will received notification of this via Substack as a reply to your comment.
  • You will be given a url direct to your contribution, in case you wish to add this to your own website or to share news of your story on social media.
  • The Cure for Sleep Substack community is designed to be a safe and supportive space for new and emerging writers. Tanya receives notifications of all new comments. In the unlikely event that negative comments are added to your (or any other contributor’s) submission, she will delete them.
The Cure for Sleep - montage of monthly themes
The Cure for Sleep – montage of monthly themes from Season One
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