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In the year leading up to publication, each month’s issue of The Cure for Sleep on Substack has shared an advance extract, inviting readers to respond then with a related memory or vignette of their own. And this is the book’s purpose: to celebrate the vivid moments of being when we turn towards change, choice, effort, risk, commitment. Those instants when we are most fully awake to our lives and times.

This is where readers’ stories are curated.

After publication, Tanya will use her substack channel each month to answer questions about the book and her writing process, as well as offering prompts for readers’ own creative work – and a showcase for them.

“It could be enough, more than enough, to be a person occupied for the rest of my life by what might look to others only an idiotically simple gathering in of small and obscure moments: the collecting of stories from ordinary people like me.”

The Cure For Sleep
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