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Encouraging others in their creative life is at the heart of everything I’ve done in what I call my second life, first as a hospice scribe and then as a writer working in public places. I want to offer readers of The Cure for Sleep an inspiring and supportive online story-sharing space – and for the long-term. Every story I receive is precious, and this is where you can read the ones already collected around themes from the book…

Stories beyond the book
season 2 (2022)
Stories beyond the book
season 1 (2021)

“If you’re writing away by yourself and anxious about showing your work to others, here’s a lovely opportunity to share in a kind, supportive space. Have a look. Take the leap. I’m so glad I did”

Sheila de Courcy, contributor

How it works

Each of my monthly newsletters over on Substack takes a key moment from the book, inviting you to respond to that theme with a short true tale of your own – using the comments field to share a story of up to 300 words.

All stories that respect the contributor guidelines and the foundational spirit of the project – inclusivity, kindness, respect for the privacy and feelings of others – are then curated on this site.

The monthly newsletter also includes extras such as my recommended texts for emerging writers and links to events and conversations happening around The Cure for Sleep.

I hope you will join me on Substack and I look forward to reading your words.

“It’s a special act of generosity when a writer you respect asks for responses to extracts from their work. Fear held me back but then I responded to the piece on regret. No regrets”

Tim LeRoy, contributor
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“It’s a privilege to be a small part of this reflective conversation and the community it brings into being”

Nicola Pitchford, contributor

“It could be enough, more than enough, to be a person occupied for the rest of my life by what might look to others only an idiotically simple gathering in of small and obscure moments: the collecting of stories from ordinary people like me.”

The Cure For Sleep

“I’m so glad to have constellated the courage and drafted something that assembles peace”

E E Rhodes, contributor
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