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For readers/by readers

“If you’re writing away by yourself and anxious about showing your work to others, here’s a lovely opportunity to share in a kind, supportive space. Have a look. Take the leap. I’m so glad I did”

Sheila de Courcy, contributor

In the year leading up to the book’s publication, subscribers received monthly advance extracts, with an invitation for them to respond with a memory or vignette of their own on each theme.

Future calls for submissions will continue to be announced on Substack, and that channel is where you can discuss The Cure for Sleep and ideas for creative living with other readers – and Tanya herself.

This is where readers’ true tales are curated, in the Stories Beyond the Book archive.

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The Cure for Sleep - montage of monthly themes

Stories beyond the book (2021)

“It could be enough, more than enough, to be a person occupied for the rest of my life by what might look to others only an idiotically simple gathering in of small and obscure moments: the collecting of stories from ordinary people like me.”

The Cure For Sleep

“It’s a special act of generosity when a writer you respect asks for responses to extracts from their work. Fear held me back but then I responded to the piece on regret. No regrets”

Tim LeRoy, contributor

“It’s a privilege to be a small part of this reflective conversation and the community it brings into being”

Nicola Pitchford, contributor

“I’m so glad to have constellated the courage and drafted something that assembles peace”

E E Rhodes, contributor
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